Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nothing Daunted - Book Review

Nothing Daunted
By Dorothy Wilkerson

Everything was there to make this book a really good read. Two wealthy young women from Auburn, New York give up a very comfortable life and head west to teach school in the wilds of northwestern Colorado in the rural town of Hayden. They’re embraced by the community, find romance and have many challenges to face. One challenge is during the winter when they ride horses to school in snow that is as high as the horses’ withers. So why doesn’t this story grab you? To start it is stilted, reads like a textbook and goes off on so many tangents that it is hard to remember where you are in the story. The characters are never really brought to life and so you care for very few of them. Even the lead characters Dorothy and Roz seem peripheral to the history lessons that the author Dorothy Wickerson seems intent on delivering.

Nothing Daunted is not a book this group would recommend.
Submitted by Diane Vaughn