Local Interest

Since Sidney Lanier penned his epic “Marshes of Glynn” beneath the outstretched limbs of the oak that would later bear his name, writers have been drawn to the Golden Isles. The area’s rich history and natural beauty have been the inspiration for authors to write about and often live, in Glynn County. Some believe they are drawn by the majestic oak trees. Others think it is something about the ocean breezes. 

Whether it is a romance or a tale of local lore, Hatties Books always has a great selection, many of them signed by the authors themselves at one of our “Meet and Greet author signing” parties. 

We have a wonderful selection of books of local interest. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and we will find it for you.  Hatties Books is your place to find local works.

by Buzz Bernard, the author of Eyewall

In only a matter of days, 9/11 and the destruction of the twin towers will be rivaled by a lone wolf terrorist attack on America.  Atlanta is targeted as ground zero for the most horrifying plague in modern times

Praying for Sheetrock 
by Melissa Fay Greene
An incredible true story of segregation and corruption in McIntosh County, Georgia in the 1970's. $16.95

Voices from St Simons 
by Stephen Doster
A collection of personal narratives of  people who grew up in the  Golden Isles. The author says "They present the reflections of a cross section of ordinary people who lived during extraordinary times." All books signed by the author. $12.95  

Cumberland Island: Strong Women, Wild Horses  
by Charles Seabrook
Charles Seabrook is an award-winning environmental writer to describe the island's natural bounty and to tell its long and intriguing history. You'll meet Catherine "Caty" Greene Miller, the widow of Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene, Zabettem, the slave mistress to the Island’s landholder, Lucy Carneige, Carol Ruckdeschel, a naturalist and Go Go Ferguson, Cumberland residents. The feud between Carol and GoGo reveals the continuing debate among residents, conservationists, and developers about how the island should be managed. Charles Seabrook provides a fascinating look into the history of one of America's greatest natural treasures. $16.95

Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles 
by Burnette Vanstory    
The story of the barrier island and the mainland towns covering the sixteenth century to the twentieth century. The islands are as rich in history as they are in natural beauty. This is a great “first read” about the Golden Isles.  $19.95

Running the River:  Poleboats, Steamboats and Timber Rafts of the Altamaha, Ocmulgee, Oconee, and Ohoope  
by Carlton A. Morrison
Morrison's book includes the history of the rivers, lumbering, and the three periods of the steamboat, pole boat and the Timber Raft. Most interesting is the inclusion of newspaper accounts and other memorabilia of the time. Signed by the author. $20.00

Splendid Isolation 
by Pamela Bauer Mueller  
Historical Novel The reader learns about the Millionaires and life and times at the Jekyll Island Millionaires Club through the voices of 4 actual employees. The Jekyll Island Archives were opened to the author, so the book is historically based. Signed by the author. $18.00

The St Simons Trilogy 
Light House, New Moon Rising and Beloved Invader
by Eugenia Price
Historical Fiction beginning with James Gould in the Lighthouse in the  post Revolutionary War period and ends with Anson Dodge just after the Civil War in Beloved Invader. A romantic saga in the South. Eugenia Price was inspired to write the trilogy after visiting St Simons and the cemetery at Christ Church. She moved to St Simons in the early 1960's and lived here until her death. $16.95 each

Journal of a Residence on A Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839 
by Frances Anne Kemble  
"A classic account of life among slaves and slave holders"   Fanny Kemble, an English actress met and married Pierce Butler, a wealthy Philadelphian, part of whose fortune derived from the family cotton and rice plantations on the Sea Islands of Georgia.  Fanny ,an Abolitionist, was shocked upon moving to Georgia to find the size of Hampton Plantation and the 600 slaves who lived and worked there. Kemble recorded her daily life in a series of journal entries written as letters to a friend. The letters were never sent, but were published in 1863, after they were divorced and Kemble had returned to England.  $22.95

Neptune’s Honor 
by Pamela Bauer Mueller  
Historical Fiction, The story of Neptune Small, a servant and friend to Henry Lord King (Lordy), the  heir to Retreat Plantation. The story told in Black speak shows the relationship between Neptune and Lordy and their shared struggle to survive  on the Civil War Battlefields. Signed by the author $16.99, $10.99