Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Club Selection - The Strangers on Montagu Street by Karen White

The Third Tuesday Book Club ventured into new territory this month, as we Skyped with author Karen White. Instead of our normal format we met with the author, virtually. White was delightful and comfortable with the format. We all got in the groove quickly and had lots of questions for Karen about her "writing" life.

Karen lives in a suburb of Atlanta and is currently writing two books a year!  Her next book, due out next Spring takes place on St. Simons Island, and straddles two time periods (I think!) -- present day and 1805. Look for more news about Sea Change later!

When asked how she became a writer, Karen told us that she always liked composing stories, but her brain moved much faster than her handwriting did, so learning to type in the 10th grade was important. She has always been a "voracious reader" and was encouraged by teachers to write, but it never was the right time until she had children. She began writing without much of a plan and entered a few chapters in a contest and won! One of the judges was Nora Robert's editor and offered to represent Karen, they are still together!

When asked which of her own books she liked best, Karen declined to answer, but admitted she loved returning to the characters in the "Tradd St. Series." This month's book club selection, The Strangers on Montagu Street is the third book in the "Tradd Street" series. Some club members who had read and loved White's other fiction felt it was not her strongest. I found it to be a light, entertaining book, reading it very quickly one Saturday. The series, rooted in Charleston focuses on Melanie Middleton, a practical and mostly conventional Realtor with sees dead people. The book offers up ghosts, a mystery, romance and a very sticky family situation. If you are looking for something fun to read (perhaps for the beach), this book may be just the thing!

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  1. That was just so much fun. Such a good group at Hattie's!