Monday, October 17, 2011

Spencer Spider Spins Spinach Over Spaghetti

Written by Mattie Brown
Illustrated by Ed Hose

Brunswick is abuzz (or perhaps just a bit tangled in a web) over Spencer Spider Spins Spinach Over Spaghetti. Our very own Ed Hose has teamed up with storyteller Mattie Brown to create a wonderfully engaging (definitely meant to be read aloud) picture book for children. The alliterative fun starts with the title (try saying it several times quickly) and continues throughout the book spinning a tale (sorry folks!) about an unlikely friendship between a young spider and fly. As always, Ed's illustrations are lush and imaginative.

Marcia has 40 copies in stock and I'm predicting they'll all be gone (or at the very least, spoken for) before the signing at November's First Friday Event (November 4th in case you don't have your calendar handy!) Of course, there are plenty more books, so Marcia won't be running out, but we are hoping to get to place 2nd and 3rd orders!

This book (especially once it's been signed) will make a wonderful Christmas present for children and grandchildren alike. Have you seen Spencer Spider Spins Spinach Over Spaghetti? How many copies do you want?

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